Flower psychometry was once used as a tool to predict the future, rather like reading tealeaves or Tarot cards. Flowers have long been used to communicate messages, but there is also a history of folklore using flowers for inner communication and divination. This is known as ‘flowermancy’ or ‘flower psychometry’.  Flower psychometry was a form of Earth Magic that originated from ancient times and was used by healer priests and shamans. Later in history, it was applied by the Celtic tribes who used all sorts of plants and flowers in prediction rituals and customs such as foreseeing your fortune in love, health or wealth. Most of the knowledge has been lost, but some still remains in children’s games such as blowing the seeds off a dandelion or making daisy chains. Other parts of flower psychometry have been passed down the generations by traveling Romany Gypsies who still sell posies of wild flowers and herbs and who still use flowers for fortune telling.

Getting Started
You need to work in pairs when doing flower reading as it can be hard to link into yourself. It is always important that you never pick a flower for someone else, as the flower that is picked will be a reflection of the client for whom you are reading. In my experience, you get a stronger link if you work with a freshly picked flower from the garden, but you can also work with a bunch of store-bought flowers.

First ask your client to choose the flower they feel most drawn to,  it can be as large or as small as they wish and get them to hold it for a couple of minutes. When you feel ready take the flower and link with the energies, sensing the vibrations that the flower releases. Work with your inner self and allow your intuition to flow.
It is important to use your finger to feel the whole flower and to observe its features carefully as this provides the information about the other person. Slowly run your fingers up the stem, pausing at any knots. You will be looking for the following features: Is the flower stem smooth or bumpy?  Has it any breaks?  Is it straight, thick or fine?  Does it bend and feel weak, or is it strong?  Are their leaves growing from it? How many flowers are there and what condition are they in? Marks, discolorations or breakages on the stem, branches, leaves or flowers indicate important changes in timing, events or personality!

The stem of the flower indicates the past, so work from the bottom of the stem upwards. The higher you go up the stem, the nearer you come to the present day. In your mind you will get a feeling for the number of years it will be, or you may link into a specific situation that the client will understand. Tell them what you feel, allowing them time to respond yes or no. Once you feel you have the link, describe what you are feeling. Sometimes you may go hot or cold. It is important to say or describe exactly what your impressions are.
Once you have finished reading the bottom of the stem, move your fingers a little further up the stem until you sense something else, working with every bump and texture. A new feeling is a new story to tell. As you become more confident, it will be easier to trust in the flower’s energies and information will flow more readily.

Smooth stems indicate a happy childhood and a person that is calm, patient and understanding. They need to stop blocking their true feelings and learn how to trust in themselves once again and start to feel their inner strength grow and learn how to deal with people more easily. Communication is important at this time, so try opening up a little more. Meditation may help with self-discovery and self-growth by reflecting on oneself. It helps us to have a clearer understanding of our pathways. They have enormous potential to achieve all their goals and this flower gives you that power to make your mark. If you are looking at new business ideas or retraining, this is a good time to start.   
Bumpy stems indicate a troubled or lonely childhood. This person goes inward and finds it hard to communicate about problems or worries. They have a depth about their personality and do not trust too easily. They can be blunt and bossy and enjoy being in control. This is a person who is right even when they are wrong, and will never apologies for their own mistakes. A tough cookie comes to mind in personal or work situations. It could indicate a bully, so stand your ground and don’t allow others to put you down.

Lots of lumps and bumps on the stem, it indicates that they have not yet dealt with the past and will find it hard to commit within relationships, or may even suffer from depression. They may have addictive personalities, so try to give them as much encouragement as possible as you may hold the key to them opening up their emotions.   
Weak stems
This would indicate a sensitive or fragile person. They tend to be worriers and do not need lots of attention. They are private people who are very deep, loving their own company. They do not enjoy conflicts and are over-emotional. They take things to heart and can suffer from depression, stressful situations, such as a relationship break up, and/or inner pain due to the past.
Leaves and smaller separate flowers branching off of the main stem indicate diversions in life, presenting distractions or boredom that may influence future events. These may be friends, family, work, friendships or love life.

The flower itself represents the person as a whole. It describes the psychical, emotional, mental and spiritual side of the person.
Flower Buds are linked with present day situations. They signify new beginnings, fresh starts and new opportunities in any area of one’s life, particularly in material matters such as money, work, business and finances that have not yet come to fruition.

One large Bloom denotes a love of travel and restlessness. The person is open hearted, understanding and caring and good with words,

Small flowers reflect a love of the familiar and of home.

Symmetrical flowers indicate a sense of order within the individual.

Profuse blooms indicate a person who is a lover of luxury.

Tiny single flowers often mean that the inner world and personal happiness are more important than material success.

If the main flower is budding then it is not yet time for dreams to be fulfilled. They need to be more patient with others and try not to worry, things will come.  

If the main flower is open and in full bloom, then there is a new direction in life and they will be full of ambition and knowledge. That person will be given guidance and strength and be open for anything.

Try to work with flowers as much as possible and by doing this you will grow to understand how to interpret using your own intuition, giving messages and readings through the energies of the flower.

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