Eight of wands - May is a good month to look at all  aspects of your life, from love to family, work to creative projects, speed up under the influence of this Eight: delays are done with as decisions are made, words turn into actions, projects and travel plans fire up, and you find yourself fielding more calls, emails, socials, and meetings than ever before. This is an exciting, if bewildering time, when everything happens at once; you’ll be in constant demand.

Advice: Take a breath before saying yes to all offers - choose carefully, and you won’t waste energy or time running in circles.


King of Swords - This king is an action man, which makes him an engaging companion and an inspiring leader. Self-motivated, he is entrepreneurial, dynamic, and open-minded. You will know what he is thinking, as his feelings always show. Travel may be important to him, and he is connected to many people with backgrounds different to his own. Expect to find practical solutions to problems, and also see your network of friends and professional contacts grow.
Explore your passions and look to unconventional people and new places


Ace of Wands You’re crowned with success under the influence of this creative Ace as new projects, work, ideas, and travel plans take off. You’re able to communicate well now, to share your vision and persuade others to get onside. If you’ve been wondering if your plans will succeed, this card tells you ‘yes’.  Listening to your intuition will also strengthen your spiritual beliefs. An additional meaning is fertility and pregnancy, and beginning a new journey or adventure.

Advice - Step into your power – invent, talk and create. Whatever you say now will be well received



Page of cups - Imagination A young person, or someone who is young at heart, has much to offer you and others: good company, fun, and friendship. He or she also brings you the message that love is coming your way in the future. When this Page arrives in a reading, your creative projects will also flourish – and so will your finances. An additional meaning is a young psychic.

Advice: Enjoy the lighter side of life, and allow yourself time to play and let your imagination run free.


Knight of cups - There are many choices available to you now, but which do you focus on? At this point, there are few facts to help you decide – only a raft of impressions. The danger is you fall for a fantasy, as you have no sense, yet, of what is real, and what you’re idealising because it fires your imagination. In creative projects, you may be awash with ideas. An additional meaning is dreams and visions.

Advice: Rather than rush toward one option, stand back awhile; wait to see what manifests.


The moon - A situation or relationship may seem appealing under the romantic light of the moon, but will it stand the test of time? Your intuition may be telling you that everything is not as it seems. An additional meaning of the card is that hidden fears and old memories surface as you work through an emotional block.

Advice: Give yourself time to work out the best way forward. Your intuition holds the answer - pay attention to its messages through feelings and dreams, rather than rely on a logical approach to a problem.



Ten of wands - Now is the time to treat yourself to some leisure and luxury – furnishing your home, tending your garden, indulging in your favourite pursuit, or otherwise spending on yourself – as you’ll be feeling rich in time and money. You will love your home, so you may redecorate, re-arrange, bake, and invite others to share your relaxed, comfortable space.

Advice: Devote time and money to your interests and your home. You can be the centre of your world, and appreciate all the good things in life just now.


Ace of swords - This month reveals you benefit from a smart decision that leads to immediate victory. If you've been beset by uncertainty or delays to your plans, this Ace shows a breakthrough as you cut through confusion to win power and success; in relationships, you make a positive new beginning. The card is also a sign of mental clarity, so you are sharp-witted; there may also be a legal victory, or a triumph in an argument or debate.

Advice - Use your intelligence and victory is yours.


Six of wands - It's time to glide into more peaceful, calm waters, so this is a reassuring card if you have suffered upheaval, conflict, or uncertainty recently. The Six also predicts physical journeys over water and, in general, sees you moving on in positive ways; new work may also be on the horizon. An additional meaning is protection, in that you prioritise what’s important to you, and leave behind the people or situations that no longer serve you.

Advice - Go with the flow of life; there's no need to resist change.



King of  wands - This King has integrity, honour, and sensitivity, and is devoted to his friends, his family and his career; when he makes a commitment, he is loyal for life. He may be distant at times as he feels everything deeply, but may not show it. As the ‘you’ card in a reading, you balance empathy with others with fairness to yourself. He also represents the ideal male partner. Follow your emotions, but don’t feel you have to explain your feelings; trust that you are right.

Advice - Maximise your good fortune and make your money work for you; you deserve it. It’s time to make a wise financial decision.


The Ace of cups brings you your heart’s desire as you find fulfilment through an artistic pursuit or a new relationship. You may create a  ‘baby’ that is your project – a new business, a book, planting a garden or decorating your home. This card reveals pregnancy (the birth of someone of something), motherhood and joy. The Ace, while being a positive card, can also bring emotions that feel overwhelming.

Advice: Open your heart and trust; you need not be overwhelmed by emotion. Just be open to what comes to you.


Judgment - This is a good month to become a strong leader in your professional career. You have a great personality, with charm and ambition, but you can exert pressure, too, as it is impatient to succeed. You can be relied upon to offer calm, logical judgment. An additional meaning is that legal issues need your attention just now. Take a logical approach; this is the time for mental agility rather than emotion.

Advice: Look to the facts before you make a decision.

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