Hello everyone

t finally looks like life is getting back to normal or at least some semblance of it. I am excited that Selfridge’s is about too partially reopen. This is a positive sign in the right direction, thankfully throughout this whole Corona nightmare the weather at least seems to have been kind to us.

I feel this has been a time of great reflection with many of us not only enjoying the beautiful. June sun but enjoying time spent with love ones and having spent the last few weeks closed off from the world. I feel this time has made everyone look at what is truly important.

As I look at the night sky filled with brilliant twinkling stars and an almost fluorescent moon I can’t help but think that the carbon footprint will leave must have been massively reduced,The saying “June is bursting out all over” could never of been more true than the recent weeks. Not only is the night sky brighter and clearer but the Very Air we breathe seems Purer. 

Moving forward as we slowly have started to reconnect with extended family and friends I feel that the most important thing is not to forget what we have learned from the last three months of isolation, the universe has spoken and we need to listen we all need to move forward and look after our planet and ourselves I feel as time moves forward and the world slowly slowly becomes stronger and we all start to heal as a nation, It’s important we don’t forget what we have been through we were all in it together and we still are so as the sunshine. Hopefully continues to pour down on us let’s all remember as those warm rays hit our skin to continue to count our blessings as small or as large as they may be.

Lots of love sheila xx



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