Sheila’s Corner

Sheila’s Corner

Hello Everyone,

This month is truly golden a time summers here and everyone feels a little lighter, a little happier and a lot more free weather it’s sipping cocktails ,floating in a pool dreaming of your favourite get out with children’s laughter filling the air, a dog barks with joy chasing a favourite ball ,or simply enjoying an espresso on your patio, that makes you happy suddenly all is right in the world the Sun warms us and as it’s golden rays touch everything beneath it, we naturally start to see more reasons to smile and have hope.

So with that in mind how can we evoke those joyous emotions everyday rain or shine?, crystals can shift and clear negative energy and help us with mindfulness ,and something as simple and essential to life as breathing can help us feel in control and centred .

As someone who constantly worries about all the big things and most of the little ones I’ve found filling my home with crystals, candles and light helps me to stay balanced even if it’s not glorious summers day .

I start everyday with a cold shower just a few minutes or even just as long as it takes the water to heat up ,and then I focus completely on my breath deep cleansing breaths in, the cold water helps with that !,,and slow controlled breaths out ,breathing in positivity and an I can do this attitude ,breathing out negative fears and you’ll step out more than just clean.so if your on holiday ,it’s it’s another day at the office a few moments spent grounding ourselves in this way every morning no matter the weather can make every day brighter.

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