Tarot Solitaire

Tarot Solitaire

Why should you play Tarot Solitaire?

Tarot is more than just a card reading. The game allows for self-reflection and mindfulness, as does Solitaire.

Solitaire may not be complex or tiresome, but it stimulates the brain. Through analyzing the cards and planning the following steps, you will gain the ability to formulate strategies. 

Solo games like Solitaire allow you to reflect and process your feelings. Your brain begins to unwind when you're in a light meditative state, and you're able to focus on the cards and let go of your worries.

As with the Tarot, the improvement is unconscious. However, you will soon see that your performance will improve as time goes on.

Simply because it is different, it makes the game incredibly amusing. 

Adding a Tarot deck to Solitaire will not make it any more complex. However, playing it makes your brain work.

Solitaire requires a constant and thorough analysis of the playing field. You need to concentrate and relax as you play the game.

With Tarot cards, an entire world is there for you to discover. The mystical side is exciting, and also, the use of these cards in more worldly contexts. 

Looking at this remarkable deck of cards is a fantastic experience, let alone playing Solitaire with it. 

You will be immersed in a world of arcane magic imagery once you get acquainted with all the cards, which appeal to many people.

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Have you played Solitaire on line with a Tarot deck? 

The Deck

Solitaire: Tarot deck includes the following cards:

The Devil (10)

The Hermit (9)

The Hierophant (8)

The Chariot (7)

The Sun (6) 

Strength (5)

The High Priestess (4)

The Magician (3)

The Lovers (2)

Temperance (A)

The Emperor (K)

The Empress (Q)

The Fool (J)