The messages of Feathers

Seeing a feather is a message from your angels and spirit guides, letting you know they are around and looking out for you, this is their way of sending you a direct message. Using feathers to communicate with you in regards to your life journey and how they think you're doing. Here is a breakdown of what each colour combination on a single feather means:

Naz's Corner

With the weather getting colder - and evenings getting darker - there couldn’t be a better time to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home. Try these simple crystal tips to create a zen vibe in your home this winter…

Sheila's Corner

Well summer was short and sweet. Know Autumn has descended in all its russet and gold glory, tumbling leaves and pumpkin spice scents softly carried on crisp October winds. Halloween and all its spooky wonder will have us all grabbing our stripy stockings and reaching for the pumpkin carver, but this autumn my thoughts are travelling to the spirit world. 

Astro Tarot

What do the tarot cards advise for October?

ASOS Christmas advent calendars for 2021.

ASOS has announced the introduction of two special Christmas advent calendars for 2021. 0


The market for gemstones is outshining diamonds, and the good news is that you no longer need to keep your rocks stashed away at home! 

September Astro Tarot

What does this month has instore for you.

Sheila's Corner

I love this month, where nature starts her transformation. Jewel bright tones shift into rich autumnal golds and russets - reminding us all that everything in life changes and no matter the outcome, there is still beauty to be seen.  

Naz's Corner

Remembering loved ones. Keep the memories of your loved ones alive in your heart - and cherish the memories of the wonderful times you shared together - by trying these crystal tips to help you feel their loving energy around you…

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