Understanding Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are repetitive numbers and these are signs from a higher source, these numbers become seen so regularly that can't simply be a coincidence. These numbers carry with them higher approval, meaning your angels are supporting you along your path. Signs are given to you throughout the day, week or even months! For example: if you wake up and look at the clock and the time is 1:11 or if your total bill is £1.11 or you have ended up buying 111 items in your shopping, actions you do to serve yourself but end up having a symbolic importance, these are all markers that you are on your right path.

Relax and Spiritually Bath

There are many different ways to enhance relaxation during your bath time. Bathing releases the tension within the muscles allowing you to feel relaxed, improving circulation and releasing toxins in the blood faster as circulation is improved.

Positive Affirmations

Say these simple affirmations everyday to live your fullest and most magical life.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression?

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Think you're psychic? Clairvoyant reveals how to hone your powers

Jayne's Tip Intuition

Every month I will show you ways to improve your Psychic abilities.

Spirit Animal of the Month

The Bee will bring to you this month; communication, devotion, faith and sweetness in life. Feelings of selfless acts, order and unity. Be aware of self-denial, defensiveness and stringing punishment. Be the bigger and brighter person this month.

Sheila's Corner

What wonderful weather July brought us, well most of the time. Here’s to hoping August brings more of the same summer that always makes us all feel brighter, sunlight has been proven to increase happiness and have mood changing effects. 


What is a mantra? How is it used to connect me with spirituality?

Yoga and it's importance to chakra's

Different yoga positions help to balance, cleans and release blockages from your chakras. Here are a few examples of different yoga positions related to each different chakra you could practice with guidance.

Psychic Sisters, London

We have different readers at our London Branch, all have there own unique specialities.

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Face to Face Readings

Psychic Sisters are available for Face to Face Readings within Selfridges.

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Psychic Sisters team of gifted Psychics can host any Corporate, Media or Private Function.

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