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Psychic Sisters



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Psychic Sisters Sage Sticks are made from natural sage. Known for its powerful ability to deflect and remove negative energy, sage can help to cleanse and protect your energy, as well as your environment.

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    Our sage sticks can be used anywhere, and are ideal for cleansing your home and environment. We also recommend using these smudge sticks before meditating to clear the mind.

    Height: 10cm
    Glass Tube
    Sage: Approx 4" per stick
    Please be careful when handling this product as the tube is glass.


    Light the sage stick. Once ignited, extinguish the flame and allow the sage to smoulder. Hold the sage over the sage smudge bowl / container, while fanning the smoke around you and your surroundings.

    Please be mindful when handling the lit sage stick.
    Focus on the affirmation: ‘My space is cleansed, protected and free from negativity’.