50% Discount Release the tension of a long day with your favourite oil or serum, using the Gui Sha facial wand to release tension around your face and neck. Some believe Amethyst can help maintain healthy circulation, reduce puffiness.

How to use

Apply either a serum, oil or cream to a clean face. 

  1. Press & stroke along the facial contours as shown, eight sweeps in each direction to increase circulation to the skin.
  2. Using the tips of the tool to press & rotate slowly on the acupressure points
  3. Stroke the tool gently beneath the eyes, or over any puffiness 

Place Wand in the refrigerator for min of 10 minutes before use to reduce puffiness, & increase circulation, 

Psychic Sisters has cleansed this Facial Wand with sage & infused it with healing vibrations. 

“If using with products, clean carefully with mild soap” 

  • Size: 3.5 inch long X 1 inch wide X 1 inch deep. 
  • RRP: £20.00