My Psychic Stories reveals the amazingly tantalising journey of Jayne’s life, the characters she has met and the often remarkable readings she has given along the way. Since discovering her spirit guide Star at the age of five, Jayne has developed her natural clairvoyant and intunted to her medium abilities to connect with those in the afterlife, percieve events in the future and tune into supernatual abilities beyond normal sensory contact. At the same time as devoting her career to helping and healing others, Jayne has fought her own personal struggles, dealing with the loss of both parents and coping with a life-long illness.

About Jayne Wallace 

As one of the UK’s foremost mediums and the founder of Psychic Sisters based in Selfridges, London. Jayne Wallace has given life-changing readings to thousands of people giving messages of hope, reassurance and healing. Among her regular clients Jayne counts celebrities from the worlds of stage, film and music but in 'My Psychic Stories' she focuses on some of the more extraordinary and fascinating tales both shocking and touching but, above all, inspiring.

Sue Ricketts, Editor of 'Take a Break's Fate & Fortune Magazine' - "Jayne Wallace is the real deal. The accuracy of her psychic insight sends shivers down the spine. What marks Jayne out as special is her genuine commitment to her profession and the people who come to her."

'Chat It's Fate Magazine' - '"Inspiring, sometimes shocking, true tales by renowned medium, Jayne Wallace."

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