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Palo Santo is a sacred wood well known for its natural cleansing properties. it has been used for thousands of years, and is ethically sourced & only collected from trees that have expired naturally.

Known for its powerful ability to deflect and remove negativity energy, can help calm feelings of stress & anxiety. Helps to cleanse and protect your environment.

Has a light, sweet scent, similar to that of Frankincense and Neroli.

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Has a light, sweet scent, similar to that of Frankincense and Neroli.

Clear quartz x 1
Salo Panto sticks x 4

Sustainably harvested from trees that have fallen naturally
Traditionally, legally and ethically gathered
No added perfume/synthetic fragrance

Eco-Friendly: This product is 100% sustainably harvested without causing any damage to live trees. We only offer products that have been obtained from naturally fallen trees in the forests Peru. Certified by the National Forest Service and Wildlife of Peru (SERFOR).


Keep the crystal close to you. Light the Palo Santo stick. Once ignited, extinguish the flame and allow the Palo Santo to smoulder. Hold the Palo Santo over a fire proof container, while fanning the smoke around you and your surroundings.

Please be mindful when handling the lit stick.
Focus on the affirmation: ‘My space is cleansed, protected and free from negativity’.