Psychic Sisters chamomile and lavender Sleep Well Ritual Set.

Create your own magical ritual from home with our Sleep Well Ritual Set.

The five-piece set contains natural chamomile and lavender aromatherapy products, as well as a selection of Reiki-energised crystals to help cleanse your aura and personal space.

Inside the Sleep Well Ritual Set you will find a chamomile and lavender essential oil and mist, along with an incense cone, gemstone holder and gemstone set. Our Sleep Well Ritual Set also comes with an instruction card to help you get the most out of your ritual.  

Each product promotes stability and relaxation, and helps to calm the mind, body and soul. Our stunning selection of gemstones will help you manifest your wishes and dreams.

Set Includes:

  • Sleep Well Mist 30ml - A chamomile and lavender mist
  • Sleep Well Fragrance Oil 10ml - A chamomile and lavender fragrance and aromatherapy oil
  • Incense Cone – A small incense cone that can be lit and burnt to cleanse your space
  • Gemstone set – A set of gemstones, including Blue Sandstone, Green Aventurine and Purple Amethyst
  • Gemstone Holder - A lapis lazuli incense holder
  • An instruction card

Incense Ritual:

  • Place the incense cone onto the gemstone holder.
  • Light the cone, then carefully blow out the flame.
  • This will leave the glowing embers to smoulder.
  • Breathe in the relaxing scent.

Fragrance Oil:

  • Place a handful of sea salt into a bowl, add 6-10 drops of the oil and then mix together.
  • Pour the salt and oil into a warm bath or foot bowl, and breathe in the relaxing scent while bathing or resting.

Aura Mist:

  • Spritz around your body, and breathe in the relaxing scent.

Gemstone Ritual:

  • In the morning, select two crystals.
  • In the evening, place the crystals close to your bed while sleeping.

Vegan-friendly and not tested on animals.