Gabriella Fotara

Available for Face-to-Face Readings within Selfridges

Gabriella Fotara

  • Specialises in: Crystal Healing, Healing, Intuitive Counselling, Reiki Healing, Tarot Cards, Aura, Spiritual Healing

Thirty Minute Reading: £80 One Hour Reading: £150 Thirty Minute Healing: £60 One Hour combination Healing & Reading : £150

Face to face & remote readings: Sunday

Remote readings only: Monday

Gabriella has always been on a spiritual path, she has been a working psychic and Clairvoyant since she was 18 but has also always enjoyed going on courses and workshops to improve her skills since a young age.

Gabriella often incorporates cards into her readings, interpreting their unique energy for the person in front of her. Gabriella’s passion is helping people and animals, her caring and compassionate nature has been something that all of her clients have felt over the years, she became a Reiki Master at 16 and has been using crystals in healing for many years and never fails to be amazed by the healing power of a reading or healing session.

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