Geraldine Sullivan

Available for Remote Readings

Geraldine Sullivan

  • Specialises in: Astrology, Tarot Cards

Thirty minute reading: £80 One hour reading: £150

Remote Readings: Wednesday

Geraldine’s readings are accurate with powerful and moving messages for her clients. Would you like to
know more about a loved one? Do you have unanswered questions and need answers? Or do you need direction? Find out what is in store for you over the next year with inspiring insight and progress forward in your life with confidence. She has over 30 years experience of reading for celebrities, entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life, helping people heal the past for a more calming future. 

Geraline Books available on Amazon The Power of Attraction: The Astrological Guide to Personal Success, Prosperity, and Happy RelationshipsThe Power of Birthdays, Stars and Numbers & The Power of Playing Cards



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