Lucy Barnard

Available for Face-to-Face Readings within Selfridges

Lucy Barnard

  • Specialises in: Intuitive Counselling, Psychic Counselling, Psychometry, Tarot Cards

Thirty minute reading: £80 One hour reading: £150

Face to face and remote readings: Sunday 

Lucy is a clairvoyant psychic with a passion for using her gift for spiritual therapy. Her clients

frequently express their appreciation for the intuitive support and guidance that they receive from Lucy, which extends far beyond the individual readings that she provides for them.

Lucy initially discovered her gift in her teenage years, however, she only experienced it's full depth and potential after a significant event in later life. Lucy combines tarot cards with messages from her spirit guides, as well as the guides surrounding her clients, to receive information about past, present and future. She combines the messages with guidance to support her clients in reaching their full happiness potential.

As well as being passionate about her clients finding inner peace, Lucy is committed to continual self-growth and development in order to bring the best version of herself to those around her.

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