Healing Crystal Set
Healing Crystal Set
Healing Crystal Set

Healing Crystal Set

Price: £12.00

Psychic Sisters Crystals Sets, have been hand-chosen, Reiki Cleansed & Energised.

Directions: Select 3 crystals in the morning, focus on the affirmation & chant six times in your mind. “I am healthy, calm and relaxed”. Keep your crystals close to you throughout the day.

Each set contains different Crystals & comes in a recycled cardboard tube.

Crystal set includes:

Aventurine hexagonal point: Calm - Meditation - Relaxation
Green Angle Aura: Goals - Structure - Confidence
Amethyst: Intuition - Calming - De-stress
Bloodstone: Sleep - Panic - Freedom
Clear Quartz: Clarity - Anxiety - De-stress  
Rose Quartz: Peace - Healing - Love
Sodalite: Communication - Achievement - Confidence
Agate: Focus - Guidance - Balance

Hand-made in UK