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Psychic Sisters



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We were being asked for a crystal set to help people who have ADHD, and those with some learning disorders, or for those simply to find their voice and tell someone they are struggling with life.

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This crystals have been chosen specifically to help focus the mind, which is helpful for learning, and also to communicate thoughts & feelings as well as calm the inner self.

Crystals Sets, have been hand-chosen reiki cleansed & energised

Crystals Included:
Heart Carnelian - Confidence.
Amethyst - Contentment.
Clear Quartz - Clarity.
Yellow Citrine - Prosperity.
Blue Lapis - Communication.
Moonstone - Joy.
Pink Rose Quartz - Love.
Heart Carnelian - Confidence.

Seven crystals
Recycled cardboard tube
Weight: 80 Grams
Product Dimensions: 12.5 x 3cm

Please kindly note that all crystal sets are hand-selected, which may result in varied sizes. Crystals may not be identical to the photograph, and are Nonreturnable due to hygiene reasons.


Select three crystals you are drawn to in the morning. Focus on the affirmation: "I am calm & relaxed". Chant six times in your mind. Keep your crystals close to you throughout the day and let them work their magic.