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Psychic Sisters



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Natural Himalayan salt purifies the air around you. Not only are these candle holders beautiful and calming but they also make the air clean, fresh and healthy to breathe.

Designed to take a single tealight candle, the flames give a warm glow bringing the pink tones and natural textures of the stone to life. As the salt warms up it releases negative ions which are claimed to help to improve mood, boost energy and even reduces symptoms of allergies.

A tea light candle should be lit and placed below the wax melt or fragrance grains of your choice as you wait for the wonderful aroma to pervade the room.

  • Heat wax melts or aromatherapy oils
  • Himalayan salt stone tealight candle holder
  • Health benefits of Himalayan salt include: increased serotonin, relieve stress, boosts energy, regulates sleep, reduces electro smog, maintains libido, reduces symptoms of asthma and allergies
  • Product size: H16cm x W10cm x D10cm