Psychic Sisters Protection Mist helps to promote feelings of stability, relaxation and security. It naturally cleanses your aura, and can bring more balance into your daily life.

The Protection Mist is a fusion of natural spring water, sage and sandalwood aromatherapy oils and crystal gemstones. Each one has been Reiki-energised. 


  • Spritz around your aura and chant the affirmation ten times to bring instant ease and peace of mind.
  • Affirmation: ‘I am protected and safe’.

Formulated with positive energies, the Protrction Mist is ideal for cleansing any negative energy. Use as part of your personalised daily routine programme.


  • 100% recyclable cardboard tube & glass bottle
  • Mixed Gemstones
  • 30 ml Bottle
  • Vegan friendly

Please be aware that these products are handmade by Psychic Sisters, so some variation may occur.

NB: Do not use this product if pregnant, breast feeding or sensitive to any of the ingredients.