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Our protection mist with natural spring water, promoting feelings of stability, relaxation, security and cleanses your arua. Bringing you more balance in you daily life. A fusion of natural spring water, sage and sandalwood aromatherapy oils, moon magic, crystal gemstones and reiki energised.

Spritz around your aura and chant the affirmation ten time to bring instant ease and peace of mind. 

 Affrimation: "I am protected and safe"

A great mist product, cleansing negative powers formulated with positive energy. Use as part of your personalised daily routine programme.

  • Moon magic and Reki energised
  • With hydrating, refreshing natural spring water
  • With sage and sandalwood aromatherapy oils
  • Aura mist
  • Gemstone -  Black ObsidianHelps to deflect negative energy, protecting against evil eye. 

30 ml Bottle

RRP £14.00