Psychic Sisters crystals are connected to the Virgo zodiac sign, 23rd August – 22nd September.


Intelligent and charming Virgos can also be over critical - with Purple Amethyst to promote positivity and shift any negative energy unblocking the path to move forward.

With Yellow Citrine for manifestation – expand your mind and let the good times roll. Crystals are handpicked and reiki charged to support the Virgo sign. Offering strength and courage unlock the power of this powerful combination. Get ready to flourish and grow with this winning combination.

Set Contains:

  • Pink Rose Quartz - Love
  • Orange Carnelian - Courage
  • Blue Sodalite - Concentration
  • Red Jasper - Strength
  • Yellow Citrine - Manifestation
  • Purple Amethyst - Positivity


  • Six crystals
  • Recycled cardboard tube
  • Weight: 80 Grams
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 3cm

Please kindly note that all crystal sets are hand-chosen which may result in varied sizes. Crystals may not be identical to the photograph.